The Need for Food Banking in Singapore

Is there a need for a food bank in Singapore?

The answer is "YES" because of:

  • Lack of centralised effort in food resource management
  • Large amount of surplus food untapped or otherwise wasted
  • Large amount of food required by charities and voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs)
  • There are needy people in Singapore

Over January and February 2012, The Food Bank Singapore visited more than 30 charity organisations and homes to gain better insight into the situation on the ground. We also took the time to understand the operating models of each organisation that provides free meals and dry rations to the needy and less fortunate families and individuals.

Today, we have about 130 member beneficiaries. Our interviews with them revealed that 70,000 food rations and 800,000 meals are required monthly.

Keeping in mind that there are a lot more VWOs and charities out there, the figures are only the tip of the ice berg.

As for information of food that is wasted, there is very little data available in the market. But based on our interviews with various food companies, we are certain there are pockets of such excess food "floating" in our food chain.

Therefore, looking at the possible excess food and the large requirements by the needy, there is a definite need for food banking in Singapore.